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BY Adam M. Htiz

Spirit Field Adventures: Spark

When Brandon discovers that he has the ability to warp, he finds himself on the run from a cult intent on destroying him and other teens with similar abilities.

Available now in paperback and kindle ebook
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Reviews From Readers Favorite

"This is a well-written story and the events that unfold are masterfully developed to become very clear in the reader's mind. The author does an awesome job with the point-of-view and offers vivid descriptions of scenes and characters right from the beginning." Five Star review by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

"For great young adult fantasy, The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M. Hitz is a wonderful story. With unique characters that have plenty to offer as individuals as well as a group, you quickly get caught up in the action and hold your breath as new challenges continually arise." Five Star review by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

"The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M Hitz is young urban fantasy with strong elements of the supernatural, a well-crafted story that is as inspiring as it is entertaining. The reader is plunged into a world where things aren't the way they seem to be." Five Star review by  for Christian Sia Readers' Favorite

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